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Grandson of the late Brooke Astor to Speak at EverCare At Home’s Elder Abuse Awareness Day Conference

EverCare At Home, Certified Home Health Agency’s “kNOw more; AGE LOUDLY Against Elder Abuse” conference on June 15 will feature elder justice advocate Philip C. Marshall, grandson of the late Brooke Astor, a famous New York City philanthropist, socialite, and elder abuse victim.

Marshall is credited with first reporting his father, who Marshall suspected was financially abusing his grandmother, often called “the First Lady of Philanthropy.” The story was chronicled nationally by the press due to Astor’s recognition, the nature of allegations, and events culminating in a six-month criminal trial of Marshall’s father and one of his grandmother’s lawyers.

“I realized if my grandmother, Brooke Astor, could be victimized, elder abuse does not discriminate. I realized to be complacent about elder justice is to be complicit in elder abuse,” said Marshall. “Our silence protects perpetrators, not their victims.”

Marshall’s father (now deceased) was eventually convicted of grand larceny and other charges related to the attempted looting of his mother’s assets while she suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

Since then, Marshall has become an influential figure in elder abuse advocacy. One of his many efforts on behalf of the elderly included founding Beyond Brooke (BeyondBrooke.org), an organization that serves to advance elder justice by advocating for greater awareness of abuse, personal action by seniors and their circle of support, coordinated, rapid response to elder abuse, and justice for victims of elder abuse.

Through Beyond Brooke, Marshall has testified on elder abuse before the Senate Special Committee on Aging, and has lectured on the topic across the country for law enforcement, legal and civic organizations.

“Today, victims of elder abuse may be strangers; tomorrow, they may be our loved ones or, perhaps, in the future, ourselves,” Marshall said. “Seniors and society deserve more. This is why I am dedicated to joining other victims, advocates, and elder-justice practitioners nationwide to advance the cause.”

Marshall will join Bob Blancato, national coordinator of the Elder Justice Coalition, as keynote speakers at EverCare At Home’s 10th Annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day conference on June 15 at Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC). The event is free to attend and organized in collaboration with the Center on Aging and Disability Policy at Mount Saint Mary College, St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital, Orange County Office for the Aging, and Orange County Government.

Other conference presenters include:

  • Alan J. Lawitz, Director, NYS Bureau of Adult Services
  • New York State Senator Sue Serino, Chair of the Senate Committee on Aging
  • Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus
  • Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro
  • Gerontologist Lawrence Force, PhD

Panel Speakers:

  • David M. Hoovler, Orange County District Attorney
  • Carl DuBois, Orange County Sheriff
  • Tim Murphy, Orange County Adult Protective Services Case Supervisor
  • Patricia Sheldon, Dutchess County Adult Protective Services Director
  • Mitchell Rubin, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, EverCare
  • Lisa Morris, Assistant Vice President, PR & Corporate Communications Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union

“At EverCare, our mission is centered on an uncompromised commitment to caring for those in our community,” said EverCare President and CEO Sylvia McTigue. “We are honored to host Mr. Marshall and our other powerful speakers at our annual Elder Abuse Awareness Day Conference, where it is our mission to spread knowledge and awareness and draw attention to the far-reaching effects of elder abuse.”

Registration for this event is required. Space is limited; please email weaad2018@evercare.org or call Orange County Office for the Aging at 845-615-3700.

Net proceeds will be used for further education of Elder Abuse through the EverCare Center for Senior Education & Advocacy in collaboration with The Center on Aging and Disability Policy at Mount Saint Mary College. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Please make checks payable to EverCare At Home.