What Is Social Adult Day Care?

Social Adult Day Care is a wonderful program that provides a structured environment which provides eligible clients with socialization, supervision, and monitoring, as well as personal care and nutrition, in a protective setting.

Why join EverCare Life’s Social Adult Day Care program?

Evercare Life’s Social Adult Day Care has been caring for older adults for over 16 years. The participants at our Social Adult Day Care are treated like family. Personal choice and self-sufficiency is encouraged by our team of professionals who provide care and support in a secure, comfortable, and loving environment. We create moments that nurture cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Our services also include maintenance and enhancement of daily living skills, transportation, caregiver assistance, and case coordination.

Is EverCare Life certified?

EverCare Life is certified by the New York State Office for the Aging.

How does my parent, spouse, or loved one qualify?

If your parent, spouse, or loved one experiences physical or cognitive decline due to the aging process, we can help. Each individual is assessed to see if EverCare Life can benefit him or her. Prior to enrollment, each individual is offered a free pass as a trial visit, to meet the staff and other clients, enjoy breakfast and lunch, and to become familiar with the EverCare Life Social Adult Day Center experience.  Participants require medical clearance from their primary care physician. Our team is very supportive and will help in the process!

What about the meals?

The EverCare Café serves fresh and healthy home-cooked meals that our participants rave about. The meals are planned by a committee that consists of our own clients and accommodates for dietary needs.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is reasonable, and we are here to review the cost with you.

Is transportation provided?

Private pay clients are responsible for transportation to and from the program. Different arrangements may be in place if you are a member of a Managed Long Term Care Plan.