Sylvia McTigue is the President & Chief Executive Officer of EverCare Choice, Inc., a Managed Long-Term Care Plan and Certified Home Health Agency in the Hudson Valley Region of New York.

Sylvia Sylvia is an alumnus of New York University, where she studied Industrial and Organizational Psychology and earned a bachelor of the arts degree from the Stern School of Business. In addition to her baccalaureate degree, Sylvia has received certifications from the Harvard Business School in Emergent and Deliberate Strategy Execution, as well as Leadership Execution. She also briefly attended Concord Law School at Purdue University Global in the Juris Doctorate program.

Prior to her appointment of President & CEO, Sylvia held the position of Chief Administrative Officer at Elant, Inc. which after the separation of the organizations, led her to lead the long–term strategic effort to place a laser–like focus on the growth of a Managed Long-Term Care Plan [MLTCP] and Certified Home Health Agency [CHHA], as well as to further expand its catalog of community–based services.

Sylvia has led her team to proven success through her keen understanding of today’s business drivers, ever changing market needs, and how to best leverage her organization’s “human capital” to high levels of productivity and performance. She has demonstrated herself to be a driver of results, with a $40M revenue growth within her tenure.

She was part of the Executive Cabinet as Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Wartburg in lower Westchester, providing integrated, comprehensive senior care services, and prior to that, she was part of the administrative team at CenterLight, a complex, multi–site health system. With nearly two decades of increasing levels of responsibility, Sylvia has experience in both Human Resources Management, Strategy, and Operational Fitness. The breadth of her experience has left her uniquely posed to understand the challenges faced on “both sides of the fence,” which provides her with unique insights, radically different approaches, and a thirst to move her team, and her organization, to increasingly higher levels of performance.

When not managing the complexities of today’s unique healthcare environment and keeping patients living healthy and safely in their homes for as long as possible, Sylvia enjoys spending time with her 13–year-old twin sons, her husband, and their “uber–happy” Labrador Retriever.