Dr. Rubin joined EverCare in July 2016 as its chief medical officer.

As chief medical officer, he serves to help grow EverCare and widen its reach. Dr. Rubin is also responsible for cultivating and supporting the staff, and ensuring a culture of quality health care service for each of EverCare’s patients.

Dr. Rubin, a native of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, has dedicated his nearly 35-year career to providing high-quality health care services to those in need, with a particular focus on vulnerable communities in need of advocacy in order to eliminate disparities.

Dr. Rubin spent time in private practice at Bergen West Pediatric Center before moving on to several management positions, including director of the Department of Community Medicine at Metropolitan Hospital in New York, N.Y., pediatric program director at Woodhall Hospital, vice president of Ambulatory Care at Nassau University Medical Center, and vice president and medical director of Quality Health Care Management for Fidelis Care New York. As a clinical professor of preventive medicine and pediatrics, and as a senior lecturer at the Mailman School of Public Health, Dr. Rubin teaches a course entitled Healthcare for Vulnerable Communities.

In recent years, Dr. Rubin has taken positions with a focus on groups with special needs. He served as medical director for Graham Windham Child Welfare Agency, where he oversaw medical and allied services for children in foster care. As medical director for EmblemHealth, he was responsible for value-based and shared savings affiliations for special populations, including Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC), Fully Integrated Duals Advantage (FIDA), and children with special needs. Most recently, he worked as executive director and chief medical officer for Premier HealthCare, a provider of health care services to the intellectually and developmentally disabled in New York State.

Dr. Rubin earned his Bachelor of Science in child development and family studies at Cornell University, and his Doctorate of Medicine at New Jersey Medical School.