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Grandson of the late Brooke Astor to Speak at EverCare At Home’s Elder Abuse Awareness Day Conference

Posted on Jun 05 2018

EverCare At Home, Certified Home Health Agency’s “kNOw more; AGE LOUDLY Against Elder Abuse” conference on June 15 will feature elder justice ad..

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Elder Abuse

Posted on Jun 01 2018

By Dr. Rubin, CMO, EverCare DID YOU KNOW that many older people are victims of abuse? THE PROFILE… WHO IS BEING ABUSED? Although it can happen ..

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kNOw more; AGE LOUDLY Against Elder Abuse

Posted on Apr 18 2018

EverCare At Home, EverCare’s Certified Home Health Agency in the Hudson Valley, is hosting its 10th Annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day conferenc..

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Taking Care of Your Teeth & Mouth

Posted on Apr 02 2018

By Dr. Rubin, CMO, EverCare Besides a BIG BRIGHT SMILE… …healthy teeth and gums make it easy for you to eat well and enjoy food! TOOTH DECAY ..

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Aging & Visual Health

Posted on Mar 01 2018

By Dr. Rubin, CMO, EverCare SPOT PROBLEMS EARLY! Since visual problems are increasingly common with age – and often preventable – it is importan..

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Heart Failure

Posted on Jan 31 2018

HEART FAILURE: often known as “congestive heart failure”; occurs when your heart muscle does not pump blood as well as it should. CONDITIONS LE..

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Cancer: Myths & Facts

Posted on Jan 25 2018

By Dr. Rubin, CMO, EverCare SIX MAJOR CANCERS INCLUDE: 1. COLORECTAL (COLON) CANCER: The second leading cancer killer in the U.S. With timely scr..

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Depression in the Elderly

Posted on Jan 02 2018

By Dr. Rubin, CMO, EverCare MYTHS & FACTS Depression is not a normal part of aging, although older adults are at an increased risk for exper..

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EverCare Corporate Compliance Officer Named a Health Ethics Trust Fellow

Posted on Nov 09 2017

EverCare, Inc. Corporate Compliance Officer Michael Smith was recognized recently as a Fellow of the Trust by the Health Ethics Trust at the recent 20..

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EverCare Website Wins dotCOMM Award

Posted on Aug 29 2017

EverCare, a non-profit providing Managed Long-Term Care Plan, Certified Home Health Agency, and Adult Social Day Program services in the Hudson Valley..

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