Catherine joined EverCare in November 2014 as its director of Quality/Clinical Education.  Catherine brings over 20 years of experience to EverCare.

In her role, Catherine coordinates EverCare’s efforts to ensure that programs are managed and developed using data–driven, evidence–based practice.  Catherine’s proficiency in the Home Care and Hospice realm allows her to align with EverCare’s team to enhance EverCare’s Mission and Vision.

Catherine provides leadership and strives to improve the organization’s position in the community–based arena by working in close partnership with EverCare’s clinical and medical team.

Catherine considers her greatest role to be enhancing her peers and coworkers knowledge and evidence–based education.  Catherine worked in Home Care and Hospice for over 20 years in key roles.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Nursing with a concentration in Education.  Her strong education background drives EverCare’s Strategic Clinical Benchmarks, acknowledging EverCare to be the Agency of Choice for those we serve.

Catherine’s guiding principal in her role is “Reach One, Teach One”.